Courses award CE credit for the following professions:  
    Case Managers  
    Social Workers  




    To be awarded CE credit for completing this course, you are required to register, select a course and read the course materials, and successfully complete the post-test with a score of 80% or higher.

    How To Register and Take A Course:       

    1.  On the home page, new users to the site should click on "Take a Course". If you are a returning user you may click on Sign In and enter in your username and password.

    2.  Clicking Take a Course will take you to the Registration page. This is where you tell us a little bit about yourself.  

    3.  On the Course Selection Page click on the course name of your choice. Once you click on a course name a security box will pop up asking you to enter in your user name and password. You will need to enter in the exact user name and password you created on a previous visit.

    4.  Read the course materials and then take the "Post-Test" at the end of the course. Post-tests are multiple choice. Once you click "Submit" after taking the test it will auto-grade and present you with your score. If you passed you will be given a link that says "CEU Certificate".  Click on this to proceed. If you did not pass click the "Back" button on your browser to retake the post-test.  

    5.  Clicking on CEU Certificate presents you with your CE certificate. Click "Submit" when finished and you will be presented with a certificate that you can print or save for your records.     

    Important Notes:

    You may take each course in as many sittings as you like, just make a note of where you last left off. When returning just go directly to that spot to continue. A passing grade on each course's Post-Test is 80% or above. Grading is automatic--you will be notified immediately of your score--80% is passing. When returning to the site for subsequent sessions, click on the "Sign In" link (as opposed to needing to re-register) to go to the Course Selection page.



    Your personal registration information is safe with Hi-R-Ed Online. Encryption technology assures that your registration information is secure and will only be used for accreditation purposes. And because no payment is needed to take any course, you will never have any credit card information at risk. 


    A Note About Downloads:

    Some courses provide additional materials that complement their content. These are provided as either a text file compatible with most word processing programs, a Microsoft Word or Excel file, or as a .pdf file for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Accreditation Information:
Hi-R-Ed Online is an accredited provider of continuing education programs for nurses, registered dietitians and social workers. Additionally, courses noted are approved for case manager continuing education credit. For specifics, see the course page for each profession.


  Upon completion of each course you will receive a Continuing Education Certificate of Completion presented onscreen.  

All courses posted on this site are the property of Hi-R-Ed Online unless otherwise stated. Courses may not be copied or transferred in electronic, printed, or other forms or modified for any purpose without explicit written consent of Hi-R-Ed Online or the copyright owner.

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