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In 2006, diabetes was listed as the underlying cause of death on more than 70,000 death certificates. In 2005, diabetes was reported to contribute to more than 230,000 deaths, which makes it the 7th leading cause of death.
Complications and Costs:
Complications include:
Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure
Kidney disease

There are a number of complications of diabetes that contribute to mortality and diminished quality of life. Looking again at death certificates, in 2004 heart disease appeared on certificates for nearly 70% of diabetes-related deaths. Heart disease and stroke deaths are between 2-4 times higher for people with diabetes than people without diabetes.

Around 75% of adults with diabetes in 2003-2004 had hypertension. Diabetic retinopathy accounts for between 12,000 and 24,000 new cases of blindness each year and is the leading cause among 20-74 year olds.

Diabetes accounted for nearly 45% of the new cases of kidney failure in 2005, with nearly 47,000 people with diabetes starting treatment for end-stage renal failure. Nearly 180,000 people in the U.S. and Puerto Rico were on kidney dialysis or living with a kidney transplant due to diabetes.

Diabetes is also commonly associated with mild to severe neuropathy, affecting 60-70% of people with diabetes. It should also be noted that most of the non-traumatic lower-limb amputations occur in people with diabetes, totaling nearly 71,000 cases in 2004. Other complications include increased risk for dental disease, complications of pregnancy, physical limitations, and higher death rates from other diseases and conditions.

Breaking it down to daily statistics, each day there are 4,100 new cases of diabetes diagnosed, 810 people will die from diabetes, 230 people will have an amputation that is related to diabetes, 120 new patients will require dialysis or kidney transplant, and 55 patients with diabetes will go blind.

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